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    Crowd Sourced Investment Research for Sophisticated Investors

    We provide professional investors with data feeds and web based analysis tools that deliver our alpha generating market research.

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Crowdkast volatility research is revolutionizing
the way investors analyze market risk

Our volatility forecasts are more accurate and stable predictors of market volatility when compared to market based volatility models like Black Scholes. Crowdkast data provides subscribers with a unique advantage over other market participants.

How You Can Use Crowdkast Volatility Forecasts Trade Options


Predictive Analytics

We provide institutional investors with web based tools and a data feeds of fundamental and technical indicators, volatility forecasts, earnings forecasts, and portfolio risk and return measures.



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Risk & Return Metrics

Forward-looking portfolio risk and return metrics help investors better understand their portfolio risk.


Volatility Forecasts

Crowdkast volatility forecasts demonstrate superior predictive power when compared to commonly used option pricing models.

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Pinpoint Accuracy

Our data includes equity target prices and earnings forecasts shown to be more accurate than institutional analyst forecasts.

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We offer various data feed packages for institutional and non-institutional clients.

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